SmashingArcade.org is an evolving experiment in online entertainment. We currently link to a hand-picked selection of popular online games which we have found around the web. Our idea is to build a directory of the very best 100 online games ever made, and present them in a way that is attractive to people.

We are experimenting with a unique full-screen browser technology that we have developed to present these games in full screen. This makes a major improvement to the user experience, and we believe we are the first games website anywhere to do this. The games themselves are all games that we ourselves find fun to play, and have come across while wading through zillions of online games websites. Having done all this research, we wanted to share the results with you.

We do not host any of the games you find here, instead we link to games that are compatible with our full screen browser framing technology. We can link to your game very easily and will soon welcome nominations for inclusion. We are huge supporters of fan-created gaming in general, and know what a critical stage in development it represents for many of the top game developers. Please let us know if you’d rather we not link to your game, or if we have not credited something correctly.

We hope you enjoy this experimental site. We updated it in early 2022 to convert all of the Flash games that were no longer working, to modern HTML5 versions.

Check back regularly for new games and other improvements.

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