**Mario is currently only working if you still have Flash working on your computer – which is unlikely (as of 2022). We’ve been able to convert all our other games to HTML5, but have not been able to convert Mario unfortunately. We are keeping this page here for archive purposes, and for those running older computers which have never updated. **

Mario is the game that captured gamers hearts everywhere, and we’re thrilled to present the original Mario online. Originally in the arcades as Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros was bundled with the first Nintendo, and has gone on to become the most successful game character in history. He was initially created by legendary games designer Shigeru Miyamoto as a cameo and first appeared in Donkey Kong. (Trivia: His full name is “Mario Mario”). This free online version of Mario is faithful to the original NES version, and guaranteed to be the best flash version you can find.

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Game Author: Jay Pavlina
Site Credit: Free Mario
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  1. hi i love playing games!

    • I love this because you have samus!LOL

  2. It would be cooler if Sonic was there

    • sonic isn’t a Nintendo charterer.

    • Yeah sonic is a Sega character!!!!!!!!

      • but bill r is konami not nintendo so there are non nintendo characters here

  3. good game

  4. nice game…. πŸ™‚

  5. Ohhhh nostalgia over load!!! This brings me right back to my childhood this was my babysitter πŸ™‚

  6. Ur games don’t work their


  7. sorry our friend got angry and sent thoses

    • Don’t worry about it! BTW that’s an overeaction. This game rocks! It’s like reliving history LOL πŸ™‚

  8. THIS IS TOO FUN TOO PLAY. I have always more characters in a MARIO GAME NOW i do.

  9. This is the highlight of my year. I have the konami code on one of the sites that I designed, is there a link address I can use to link straight into the game?

    Seriously, very awesome! Thanks

    • Thanks! Drop us a line at (remove the x) and let us know more about what you’re trying to do and we’ll try to help.

  10. game returns to main menu when you click the screen or press any key to start the game……Help I have plumbers crack and need to get my fix of Mario!!!

    • The game is working ok we think. Do you have the same problem if you use the alternate link to play the game (below the Play Mario button, above)? It’s a bit convoluted getting through the screens to start the game, but follow the on screen instructions and all should be fine. πŸ™‚

    • just click off the flash game, then click back on.

  11. I would very much like to see Red and the PokΓ©mon in there, although that might be hard, and a bit reminiscent of Smash Bros.

  12. i love playing games

  13. When I click on the screen the game disappears again at fullscreen… I guess it’s a bug?

  14. This is not the proper Mario .
    The proper mario is Super Mario Bros ( NES )
    Which mario travels to find Princess Toadstool ( Princess Peach )
    And eventually finds her on World 8-4 .
    This game however , sucks .

  15. This game is great because all characters have different powers so you can finish level easily when you change characters from level to level.

  16. Oh My GOD, Kacper you stupid troll. this is Super Mario Bros. classic with 5 added classic characters, Bill R., Simon, Samus, Mega Man(!) and Link! you looked at it for a fe secons and said, THIS IS CRAP. well, it even has 8 worlds, the pipe warps, and the characters have their natural NES ability. so i really think you are just Being a troll. a troll does things and says things and Blasphems it or usually does it just to make you mad.

  17. super

  18. This game is fun but, you can add more effort to it. πŸ™‚

  19. And this is not the proper mario. The proper mario is better

  20. And whenever i exit it never comes back. Sucks. It would be better if It would come back right? Just add more effort to make it like the original one that we play on the DS. I wish there was 2 player too. My mom always beggs me to play with my little brother. He is anoying. I mean super. He is turning 8 and he is afraid of the dark. He thinks theres ghosts.

  21. Hey guys i love donkey Kong. We had A lot of fun on it’s Awesome and the funny part is when you get hurt you Die. Laugh out loud. this game will make you go to the future and the funny part

  22. this morning my uncle was funny and we couldn’t find it but the thing that i just do his we have to find the 70’s games and the 80’s and 90’s. the games i like is Donkey Kong, Mario, Galaga, Qbert and other games i like and when i play games they won’t let me get it off but it’s easy just press Escape and if you it on your computer and i hope the games you like. Lol. :-). the games that are cool is donkey kong because you get to jump and save the princess. P.S. the games might be boring so if you don’t like it go to You Tube or play hockey heads. just to let you know We have a cat and his name is lucky and i hope my story that i wrote. see you later. do you like PSVITA its in best buy now lol. lol

  23. hi i am a lover of candy crush……one of my aunt name is candy

  24. loving it it all cause it take me back in the day when this was more a good time till the internet came… LOL- Good work!!

  25. yolo

  26. hi everyone I think that Mario should load faster.

  27. Can you put suger rush and wrect it ralfh and Hero duty

  28. can you put all the game in wrect it ralf

  29. WOW!! GREAT!!!

  30. Too hard

  31. the coolest game in all the times cause you have mario and link
    I find a easter egg and a glith =’)

  32. yo tengo sonic y knukles

  33. I LOVE playing mario games.

  34. thats amazing games. I play it daily.

  35. wow it is fucking cool

  36. This game is insane! I will play again and again just right nouw!

  37. i love this game as you can pick different characters that aren’t in the normal Mario game!

    keep up the good work!

  38. this is the best mario game ever ps. who else is playing this in school

  39. This is just Mario Crossover!

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