Galaga was the sequel to Galaxian – which in turn was a response to Space Invaders. Both games introduced ‘swooping’ aliens and featured full colour graphics (unlike Space Invaders), but Galaga gets our vote for being more fun to play. You can fire two shots at once, and the gameplay holds up well today. It’s a great game… and great fun to play! TIP: Hit the space bar to get started once the game is launched.

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Game Author: Jason Cirillo
Site Credit: Free Galaga
Posted in: 80s Games, Fun Games
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  1. The Best Game Classic

  2. Why is it so freaking FAST? This is like the original game on speed, caffeine, and NO2 all at once.

    • I don’t like the speed, I can get in a bunch of shots and destroy some fighters, but when they come down at you, they crash straight into you; and you never get a chance!!! >__<

      • Yes that does happens

        • The things wrong with this version:
          -There are no challenging stages
          -Everything (except you) Is way too fast
          -The enemies don’t die if they run into you
          -The sound is absolutely horrendous

    • Yes agreed! Way too fast! Also if you fail to shoot the Galaga alien who captures your fighter (can’t too fast!!), fighter disappears after one pass of the screen. That was not a feature of the original game. Had this on my Xbox 360 but not supported now on Xbox One so really missing this game, anybody know of any other versions?

    • this is so fast i died after the first 5 seconds

      • Please post a video if at all possible. We’d like to see what is happening.

        • Hi great game but it’s not working at all are you going to fix it or am i blocked for playing so much idk just wondering whats up why galaga isn’t playable it freezes when you start the game at the point it reads READY

          • you need to hit space bar and then click what ever you want

  3. The enemies were moving WAAAAAAY TOO FAST, there was no option to mute the music (because I have my own music to listen to and as much as I like the music, I like mine better) , there was no way that I could tell to pause the game, so you’re in it till you die, and you have to hit space EVERY TIME you want to shoot, if you hold it doesn’t do jack sh*t

    overall: I like the game, but I’d rather find an arcade and play it there than play it here

  4. tooo fast!!! impossible to play

  5. Great game dudes!

    Most excellent music too!

    Bugs are:

    1. Game takes too long to start.
    2. Double spaceship won’t move side to side.

    Thanks for fixin’ it, dudes!
    See you in San Dimas.

  6. Whoever made this must have never played the original. The aliens move twice as fast as they did in the original game.

    This version is horrible.

  7. Way to fast; imposssible to play. Played the arcade game last night; no comparison.

  8. I was looking for traditional galaga to play

  9. I Loveit

  10. What is the point of making this game ? It is way too fast…. stupid, love this game so much.

  11. this game is awesome i would poo all over it

  12. about 10x the speed of the original. I had the full size arcade game as a kid. Bummer!

  13. Galaga is so fast it’s impossible to play for more than a minute. Is there a way to slow it down?
    Thank you.

  14. well then if you dont like ,FuCK OFF and play a different one then-BITCHES

  15. Your game is flawed. If you make it to only 1 mothership on the board, and no other ships, the game shuts down.

  16. these games are pretty good, bringing back the memories! anyone know where I can find online wizball? awesome game from the early 90’s

  17. I was the midwest states champion on Galaga back in the day. On this game I can’t get through the fourth screen. What the hell is up with the speed. This is closer to the 60 to 70th level on the original old game.

  18. Hey .. its really fast on my Mac .. is there any way to slow the game down?

    • Thanks for mentioning you are on a Mac… we’re aware of the comments regarding speed but have not been able to replicate it as a problem (on any platform). It plays fine to us, and is pretty fast, but that’s how we remember it. We can’t adjust the speed unfortunately.

      • @admin
        Maybe the speed scales with the local cpu. So faster cpu -> faster gameplay, which is bad obviously.
        Try the original (MAME-emulated) version on the internet archive for comparison:
        Its the original ROM so it behaves exactly the the old arcade, no matter how fast your computer is. Use it as a speed comparison.
        It probably will look like slow motion to you, if you’re used to this one. But trust me, i was an Galaga addict back in the 80s and its exactly as it was then (even with the annoying fire-button lag). And it does get way faster on the higher levels.

  19. I’m 48 years old and the original game was not as you remembered it. If I were you, I would shut down the game and make the corrections needed so people could actually get something out of the game. I especially like the way the fighters circle our ship at the bottom of the screen and speed up 10 fold faster to make sure they wipe out your ship. I also like how the game stops occasionally when you get a double ship and you are forced to start a new game. Yes, I’m being sarcastic. If you choose to put out junk like this, just hang it up and try a new hobby.

    • It would be great if someone could post a video of the ‘sped up’ behaviour that people are talking about. We’ve not been able to replicate it ourselves.

      • I Like the game fast the people complaining just suck if they practice they
        could get good like me ,But GALAGA IS NOT WORKING NOW .09/26/2017 ,YOU NEED TO GET IT TO WORK AGAIN.THANX

  20. Regardless of the speed, there are just too many glitches. Having to shoot through twice to get a kill. Getting a double ship only to have it set in one spot on the bottom of the screen unable to go right or left. Being killed and within 1,000th of a second your new ship that appears just happens to get smashed into by their fighters. Screen gittering, etc…

  21. So glad I found this, I am a big Galaga fan, used to play it for hours when I was in high school 🙂

  22. Wayyyy to fast……someone fix it!

  23. In most games, when the opponent ship blows up after running into your ship, that ship will no longer exist. In this game, you lose a ship (life), but their ship continues on.

    • After reading many of the comments I had to reply. Most in the gaming world know of my background. I usually back video websites, but the quality of this game on this site is not the original. There are many flaws and it is a shame that the gamers are not given a true experience in playing this galaga.

      Andrew Laidlaw

  24. Here’s a vid showing the speed as it should be.

  25. I’m going to have to back Andrew on this one. In Aussie land Andrew is a legend. Please look at the details of this game and offer it at a later date. On a side note, go Iowa boy.

  26. The movie Wargames brought me here! I would love to have one of those standing arcades in my house and invite Matthew Broderick over for pizza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. super fast, and its sooooo fun!

  28. try harder

  29. I love this app so much!!!It’s UNBLOCK on chome book d428

  30. Flash is a blight on the Internet, and even Adobe has realized how terrible it is.

  31. Jesus Christ make them slow it down to original speed!

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