Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong

Yes we did! We finally found all levels of the original Donkey Kong game online. Most versions only have one level and it was exhausting to find this version. So here it is… the original of the Donkey Kong series and a favourite of arcade players everywhere. It introduced the world to both jumping games and Mario. In the game, Mario has to rescue Pauline from Donkey Kong who’s hurling barrels from above. The gameplay holds up well today and is great fun to play. Play all four levels of Donkey Kong for free here!

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Donkey Kong

Game Author: unknown
Site Credit: Free Kong
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  2. Sorry this is not the original Donkey Kong game the second stage never had moving floors and the third stage is almost impossible to get past the fire ball
    it even gets you going up the ladder while it comes down.

    too band this was a great game

    • Actually it’s a lot closer to the original Donkey Kong than you think. Some versions swap levels 2 and 4 – it’s a bit confusing. This run through video of the original game shows the moving floors on level 2.

      • I’m not good with the arrows. Is there a way to get a PC game controller to work with Donkey Kong?

      • This is not the original game in level 3, When the springs bounce it isnt supposed to make that sound that is the death sound and the fire balls are a lot harder to get pass and in level 2 you only have to climb to the top not up the ladder.

      • in the Nes edition in 1983 stage 4 would come before level 2 in this game the whole stage progression has just changed throughout time.

    • KC,
      actually, I will say that what you call “Original” Donkey Kong is simply a difficulty setting. When it was first released, most arcade set the machine to “easy” which started with level 1, then went to an easy version of level 4 (where kong falls) then going back to 1, then level 2 and then level 4 again. If you got this far, the version on this website would be the actual sequence. Level 1 (although the blue barrel trajectory and velocity are different) then Level 2, then level 3 and then the hard level 8 with 8 fires.

    • Yo tengo 45 años, jugue el arcade de este juego y sus 4 niveles coinciden… felicidades a los que consiguieron este juego. aparte de disfrutarlo lo guarde en mi ordenador y no sabes lo que represento para mi que mi hijo de 12 años me viera jugando. el nivel 1 … el sonido de los pasos de mario… el ronquido de donkey kong el fueguito.. no se si alguien sera mas experto que yo… lo unico que recuerdo es que yo le metì monedas alguna vez a la maquina y los niveles eran esos….

    • The level with the moving floors is called the Pie Factory. In most versions of the arcade game, this was included as a level but only after you went through the other 3 types of levels two times each.

      • interesting info – thanks!

    • This is a re-make of the japanese original romset and level rotation.

    • Ive finished the entire game

    • I agree – you can’t get passed stage 3!

  3. ITS A ME, mari- er… jumpan!

  4. I recently added this game on my computer, now my husband is upset with me, b/c he says that all the advertisements and weird things popping up now are b/c of this download. Is this true? I want to make sure before reinstalling. I don’t want advertisements, etc. coming through. Of course, I want to make sure this site is “safe” too. Many thanks! 🙂

    • Hi Paige, we only run Google ads on our site, no popups or anything like that. The site is completely safe.

  5. I would love to play some games but can’t find instructions for the controls ie jump. I don’t ever play games online so this is new to me.Also esc doesn’t work. I get stuck in full screen. I’m using firefox.

    • The typical controls are the cursor keys and space bar. Sometimes you must ‘click into’ an online game (one click) before the keys will register. Hope this helps. Which version of Firefox and on which platform (PC/Mac) are you having a problem?

  6. FF 19 on PC. Now when I go to the game it isn’t letting me click on New Game, Continue or anything that is on the screen in order to play the game. When I click on any of the options it sends me back here.

  7. It is not the original it is the nes version.

  8. Nice flash version. Got L=03 and did you know L=22 is the kill screen? glitch 50m go up DK’s 2nd ladder it works

  9. Actually it has more glitches ;at the 100m if you jump at the start you get the upper left barrier

  10. Hi, Admin. any way the scores will be recorded? it doesnt seem to keep record of my gaming.

  11. how do you play

  12. whats up?!

  13. I used to own the arcade version of this game, and sorry, this game is not right.
    Some things I can live with, but some are just too off.

    The one I can’t live with is how he jumps. On the third level here, he can completely jump over the elevator blocks, which shouldn’t be possible.

    A few more gripes, but that is the worse one.

  14. Well I managed to get through all four platforms. The second one (with the moving floors) seems screwed… The right-hand side never seems to have any obstacles on it and you can go up to the top level and run ‘on the spot’ off the edge of the platform and avoid Kong indefinitely (i.e. until he goes back to the other side). Upon starting level 2 it seemed exactly the same as level 1 – i.e. no diagonal barrels. Anyway I’ve achieved my aim of passing the fourth platform so I’m retiring now! cheers y’all! Ty

  15. it is not the NES version also. it is a complete clone or remake of the Donkey Kong. I finished all the levels. so that i am retired.

  16. cool game i love it. thank you

  17. does not always work. why is that?

  18. Very nice, full screen but full of glitches, I had a fireball go up the right hand ladder on the converyor level and it continued right on up the screen and disappeared. I went through a fireball on a ladder, and had the same fireball come back over an open peg and get me. I also got nailed standing in the safe zone on top with the bouncing girders. I was king at Krazy Kong, with all its secrets!

  19. you can play the original NES version of the Donkey Kong on:

  20. another information: It is for free,but I am sorry that you cannot play it in full screen.

  21. Sonic and mario even DK. is my favorite games

  22. This game is impossible to beat.The fire is the smartest AI in the game.It mimics your every move.

  23. finally FOUND FREE DONKY KONG …..yes

  24. my donkey kong wont work.


  26. On the first screen of Donkey Kong, I cannot climb the last ladder to save the Princess. Nothing works. I can climb all other ladders fine…any thoughts?

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  29. this site is awsome

  30. I am so excited that I can play games from the past, great memories

  31. I found donkey kong I didn’t know what it was at first and then I watched pixels

  32. I never knew that there was donkey kong and tell I watched pixels when I found out that there was dokey kong I am starting to play it more and I loved the movie pixels it was really interesting.

  33. this game is rad

  34. i like the games thanks

  35. This is not fair on the final level 3 fire creatures show up. Those creatures are way faster than you and follow. you also fall through the holes and die that never happened in the original. This isnt the original. The original had started off easy and didn’t start off at hard mode.

  36. me too

  37. I like the classic arcade sounds when you play it! 😀

  38. This is an AWSOME website that lets you play ALL the levels.
    Ive been looking for something like this and i am really happy that i found it!
    Thank you for putting this game on the internet!!!

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  40. How come no one has made a comment since 2014?

  41. D.K. rules!!!!!!!

  42. i really like this game its the most funnist game ever

  43. I owas like games so i postdid this comment

  44. hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. I accidentally hit, ” deny “, when the site asked what flash player I prefer.
    Is there a way to go back and click, ” allow “, so that I can play games on this site?

  46. Please,Insert the original game called “DONKEY KONG” back into the screen ? I was really surprised when I tried to play the said game ?

  47. you guys are awsome

  48. I Really like donkey kong.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. this game was awesome.can you make a pokemon game.

  50. Can i change controls?


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