90s Games

The 1990’s represented huge change in the video gaming industry. With rapid advances in technology and the emergence of home computers and dedicated gaming consoles from Nintendo and Sega, the writing was on the wall for arcades. The arcades simply couldn’t keep up. The differentiation they offered in hardware capability was rapidly shrinking, and an enthusiastic mass market resulting in mass production, left the limited market for arcades literally in the cold. People no longer wanted to hang out in grotty places to play (and pay for) games, and attempts by arcades to glitz up and diversify ultimately failed.

Fortunately for gamers, the explosion in home device interest meant each successive home gaming platform version brought mouth-watering new capabilities. How many remember being blown away by the latest version of Mario Kart, new games like StarFox, or the get-in-the-movie Goldeneye. PC gamers weren’t left out either. Steadily increasing capabilities for PC’s made many gamers out of non gamers. SimCity, Myst, Doom and the lowly Minesweeper made gaming fans out of many.

But as Minesweeper showed, it wasn’t all about hardware capabilities… many original games emerged in the 90’s too.


**Mario is currently only working if you still have Flash working on your computer – which is unlikely (as of 2022). We’ve been able to convert all our other games to HTML5, but have not been able to convert Mario unfortunately. We are keeping this page here for archive purposes, and for those running older …

Sonic Game Screenshot


Sonic the Hedgehog games are adored by legions of game players all over the world. Thanks to the wizards at Free Sonic, this ultimate flash version lets you play as Sonic or Knuckles, Cream or Tails, in the original Sonic world. You’ll need a fast computer. Sonic is fast too. 😉