Space Invaders

Space Invaders

Space Invaders needs little introduction. It is the arcade game that launched a thousand others. It hasn’t aged quite as well as some classic games (Pacman feels fresher), but in terms of legacy… Space Invaders is deservedly in the top 3 games of all time. As always we’ve searched to find the best version of Space Invaders online, and here we present it to you in full screen, high-fidelity.

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Space Invaders

Game Author: Paul Neave
Site Credit: Free Space Invaders
Posted in: 70s Games, Best Games
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  1. cool

  2. sup lovers out their i come in pieces i love pong, donkey Kong and heaps others bye bye :O)

    • The Lego games (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter) are surprisingly adiictdve. Lots of fun, tons of secret stuff, and plenty of reasons to go back and play through again and again. They may look like kids’ games but I know a few adults who are absolutely hooked on them.

  3. much better than the candy crush games

  4. i really wanted to download this game but it does not load or download..

  5. this game is kewl things just go to fast slow down,It’s like my grandad on the motorway scarryyyy lol xx(only joken it aint scaryyyy) but it like you know welll reallllyyyy to fastt like me typing this right now it takes me LIKE one second to writ this whole thing

  6. love this old game

  7. Hi, I played free Space Invaders once, but when I tried to pay again the next day it now asks for my email address – which when I enter it tells me I’m using an invalid character. Is it because I’m using a Mac and it;s not recognising the @ symbol? Please help, thanks!

  8. a good try however as I played the original many times in the 70’s this version doesn’t play exactly like the original. When there are less invaders on the screen the remaining lot go faster, when down to the last invader it went super fast in the original, this version doesn’t do that at all. Plus the timing of the UFO is not correct, In the original version the UFO appeared after having fired a certain number of shots, I don’t remember how many that was though. Good try through.

  9. it gives a error 404

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