Platform Games

Platform games are a style of games that continue to attract gamers, long after they first rose to prominence with Donkey Kong in 1981. A platform game is simply a game that involves platforms and… jumping. At one point, platform games represented a third of all games released – no other genre has achieved that level of success.

Chances are you’ve played some of the great platformers – Super Mario Bros, Manic Miner, Jet Set Willy, Jump Bug, Moon Patrol, Mega Man, Metroid, Sonic the Hedgehog, Donkey Kong Country, Prince of Persia, Tomb Raider… the list is endless.

We’re big fans of platform games here at – so expect many more to join our free-to-play platform games below.


Jetpac is a ZX Spectrum classic. The ZX Spectrum was an immensely popular home computer system from the UK in the early 80’s, used mainly for games. The games had to be loaded from a cassette deck, would take 4-7 mins, and if you got the volume setting wrong you’d have to start again. Suffice …

Donkey Kong

Yes we did!! We finally found all levels of the original Donkey Kong game online. Most versions only have one level and it was exhausting to find this version. So here it is… the original of the Donkey Kong series and a favourite of arcade players everywhere. It introduced the world to both jumping games …


**Mario is currently only working if you still have Flash working on your computer – which is unlikely (as of 2022). We’ve been able to convert all our other games to HTML5, but have not been able to convert Mario unfortunately. We are keeping this page here for archive purposes, and for those running older …

Sonic Game Screenshot


Sonic the Hedgehog games are adored by legions of game players all over the world. Thanks to the wizards at Free Sonic, this ultimate flash version lets you play as Sonic or Knuckles, Cream or Tails, in the original Sonic world. You’ll need a fast computer. Sonic is fast too. 😉