Flash Games

Flash games are easily the most popular type of games online. Many predicted a demise for Flash games, due to the lack of Flash support on iPhones, but we think Flash games are here for a long while yet.

New developments from Adobe including 3D gaming and C language portability will bring incredible experiences in the next couple of years. The gap (which had started to shrink) between Flash and HTML5 gaming is about to get extended again, and full screen browser technologies immediately solve the issue that had plagued Flash regarding keyboard support. With these new technologies, demonstrated on this site, there will soon be a quantum leap in Flash gaming, that will see many more classic video games ported to Flash, and 3D first person perspective games in the browser!

We plan to bring you all these and more at SmashingArcade.org, in our evolving experiment in entertainment portals. The very best games in whatever format they come… Flash, Javascript, Unity, whatever!



Frogger is a classic game and we’re thrilled to present to you Frogger online. The game first appeared in the arcades in 1981 and was an instant hit. Something about the idea of getting a frog across traffic, without getting splat, appealed to gamers worldwide, and has reliably stood the test of time. The game …

Space Invaders

Space Invaders needs little introduction. It is the arcade game that launched a thousand others. It hasn’t aged quite as well as some classic games (Pacman feels fresher), but in terms of legacy… Space Invaders is deservedly in the top 3 games of all time. As always we’ve searched to find the best version of …


Asteroids first appeared in 1979 and is a classic among video games. It’s unique in that it used so-called vector graphics to generate the game image. Battlezone was another game that used the same approach. The gameplay for Asteroids is thus unique and makes it a cult classic. That gameplay is lovingly recreated in this …


**Mario is currently only working if you still have Flash working on your computer – which is unlikely (as of 2022). We’ve been able to convert all our other games to HTML5, but have not been able to convert Mario unfortunately. We are keeping this page here for archive purposes, and for those running older …

Sonic Game Screenshot


Sonic the Hedgehog games are adored by legions of game players all over the world. Thanks to the wizards at Free Sonic, this ultimate flash version lets you play as Sonic or Knuckles, Cream or Tails, in the original Sonic world. You’ll need a fast computer. Sonic is fast too. 😉