Full Screen Games

SmashingArcade.org specialises in full screen games. We’ve developed our own clever technology to deliver Flash games in full screen – with full keyboard support!

Full screen gaming is arguably the most exciting development for online gamers since the development of Flash itself. While Flash has had a ‘full-screen mode’ for many years, its usefulness for gamers was limited due to few of the keys being available to use.

Now, several of the major browser makers are working to bring full screen options to the browser. We’re converting games on the fly, to be compatible for each browser. You probably don’t want to know details… just choose from our growing collection of full screen flash games below!

Space Invaders

Space Invaders needs little introduction. It is the arcade game that launched a thousand others. It hasn’t aged quite as well as some classic games (Pacman feels fresher), but in terms of legacy… Space Invaders is deservedly in the top 3 games of all time. As always we’ve searched to find the best version of …


Asteroids first appeared in 1979 and is a classic among video games. It’s unique in that it used so-called vector graphics to generate the game image. Battlezone was another game that used the same approach. The gameplay for Asteroids is thus unique and makes it a cult classic. That gameplay is lovingly recreated in this …

Sonic Game Screenshot


Sonic the Hedgehog games are adored by legions of game players all over the world. Thanks to the wizards at Free Sonic, this ultimate flash version lets you play as Sonic or Knuckles, Cream or Tails, in the original Sonic world. You’ll need a fast computer. Sonic is fast too. 😉



Pacman is a legendary game and continues to draw new fans online. Pacman broke the mould in games when it was released, with its cutesy graphics and novel gameplay. It appealed to gamers of all ages and both sexes, and directly influenced legions of other games such as Q-Bert, Frogger and staff favourite Ladybug. When …