Vector Games

Vector games refer to a unique kind of graphics technology that used to generate the screen-image in a game. With vector graphics, lines are drawn to a screen instead of dots.

The advantage of vector games in the early years, were they allowed game experiences that couldn’t be achieved using traditional bit-mapped (pixel) graphics. Asteroids kicked off the genre in 1979, followed by the remarkable 3D effects (for the time) of Battlezone in 1980. Just three years later, in 1983, the utterly incredible (and our favourite game of all time) Star Wars, came storming into the arcades – with full colour 3D vector graphics, sampled sounds from the movie, an awesome gaming enclosure, and outstanding gameplay.

In later years an entire gaming platform (Vectrex) was released, which included a vector screen as part of the console. Suffice to say, vector games represent a massively important part of gaming history, and we look forward to building our collection of these awesome games below.


Asteroids first appeared in 1979 and is a classic among video games. It’s unique in that it used so-called vector graphics to generate the game image. Battlezone was another game that used the same approach. The gameplay for Asteroids is thus unique and makes it a cult classic. That gameplay is lovingly recreated in this …